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Sometimes I draw but I mainly reblog things I like, find inspirational, or the occasional funny post.

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Let’s call him Pip. Pip the dinosaur.


Let’s call him Pip. Pip the dinosaur.

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this video is the shit and no one can tell me otherwise

looks like someone got creative

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I don’t even want to think about how time consuming that must have been

holy shit

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Naoki Urasawa Artbook Giveaway

Around this time last May I held a giveaway for Naoki Urasawa’s Namae no nai Kaibutsu, so to uphold the tradition, this year I will be giving away a copy of his artbook published in 2008.

The book is about 200 pages in length and contains drawings pertaining to many of his works, character diagrams, and even real-life photographs of the artist in action.

How to enter/miscellaneous details:

  • Reblog this post; up to five times per account is acceptable
  • Likes do not count as entries
  • You do not need to be following me
  • I will ship worldwide

On June 1ˢᵗ a winner will be selected at random. The individual will be contacted via message and will be given one week to respond; if they don’t, a new URL will be drawn.

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Maaaan, 10000, I can’t even…

Really, thanks everybody, I’m glad you enjoy what I do. I don’t care if you don’t buy my comics in the future, I love you anyway :P

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this giveaway. Thank marscarat for the idea, I’m not good at these things. Comic features also holasoyanabel and suscrofad.


- 3 first winners will get an A5 original watercolor, with one or two characters of choice. I’ll need your address to send them, if you’re not ok with this, we can talk another kind of prize.

- Other 2 winners will get a single character with some simple animation. You choose the character, I choose how to gif it.

Giveaway rules:

- I count likes and reblogs (don’t go spamming like crazy, I don’t want to annoy everyone out there :’D)

- As this is a followers thanking, you must be following me to get the prize.

- Askbox open so I can contact you, please!

I’ll let this run until May 31st, 23:59pm (GMT+2) (May will be a crazy month for me, that’s why I let so much time), then I’ll use a random generator to pick the winners. Good luck :>

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”..and even if it was
I wouldn’t let you go
you could run run run run but I will follow close
someday you will say “that’s it, that’s all”
but I’ll be waiting there with open arms to break your fall
I know that you think that you’re on your own
but just know that I’m here
and I’ll lead you home..”


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